About Us


Our stylists are:

  • Police Background/ criminal record checked & clear
  • Licensed /Ontario College of Trades certified
  • Trained to the Hair You GO! Standards
  • Professional, Polite & Courteous

Who we are…

We are a team of certified and trained professionals who provide in home – yes in home haircuts for our clients in the City of Toronto. We come in with our tools, high end products and positive attitudes and cut your hair, style it, clean up and leave! All you do is book online, and have clean hair for when we arrive free of product.

How Hair You GO! came to be…

chris_bio_picThis company came to be when a mom I knew hadn’t cut her hair in 7 months because she had a busy 5 year old, and didn’t have the time or could find better things to do than get her hair cut. It was tedious to book a salon appointment, go there for a surprise haircut she may or may not love. In her words, what a waste of my time! I’d rather be with my daughter.

That busy mom was my sister. I was lucky to have a friend who would come to my house and cut my hair, but not only did she cut my hair… she gave me the best haircut of my life! consistently, all while I listened to music and sipped my coffee in my dining room. So I picked up my friend and drove her to my sisters so she could finally stop complaining and get her hair done! then we had a “light bulb moment”

How many moms and busy professionals like myself just don’t have the time or luxury to go to a salon to get their haircut?! and Hair You GO! was conceived.

I wouldn’t let someone go into your home, that I wouldn’t let into mine.

Owner, Operations Manager
Christine Webber




Meet the Team!

MG – Master Trainer

MG has been cutting, styling and coloring hair for over 15 years, she has an extensive portfolio and has worked in many high profile salons in downtown Toronto.